~Cancer Recovery and Navigating your next step

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Cancer is YOUR wake–up call. There is no snooze button, no negotiating, no rolling over and sleeping in.

Let me ask you, since treatments have finished…

• Are you left wondering…Now what?
• Do you feel as though no one really…Gets It?
• Is there pressure for everything to get back to Normal?
• Are you feeling disconnected and unsure if you will ever get your life back?
• Are you ready to get past this whole cancer experience, but don’t know where to start?

The experience of cancer is soul shaking. It’s a call to action.

This wake-up call is about honoring yourself; your body, your values and the inner direction that guides you in daily living.

What does that look like?

This work is about slowing down to look at the bigger picture of who YOU really are.

Together, we’ll create a new focus on health and healing to see you through the stress of treatments, doctor’s visits and medical tests.

We’ll address the importance of personal boundaries and how they allow for solid ground while finding balance.

I’ll teach you how to ask for and follow internal guidance as we work on the three major components of healing:

1. Spiritual:
You’ll learn to accept where you are and trust where you’re going.

2. Emotional:
You’ll learn to identify and break free of fears that hold you hostage from moving forward.

3. Physical
You’ll learn to take action and personal responsibility for your own health and healing.

Spiritual healing + emotional healing + physical healing will return you to wholeness. Let me guide you back into balance. Here’s how:

How to work with me:

I offer private mentoring for cancer treatment and recovery. My mission is to guide survivors on a personal path of wellness and Self-discovery.

Mapping your Path

I offer one-hour coaching sessions to discover your next step in cancer treatment or recovery. I introduce and advocate both spiritual and physical practices as a basic formula for living a balanced life of health and healing.

You will receive:
1. A one-hour private phone meeting to bring clarity and guidance around issues you are facing in treatment or recovery.

2. Together, we create a personalized action plan to move you forward on your journey.

3. A follow-up email to include:

o A copy of your personalized action plan
o Written instructions for recommended spiritual, emotional or physical practices

Single Session $125.00
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Reset. Reboot. Rebirth: Your Path to Health and Healing
8 Week Course

This is an 8 week, one-on-one course, designed to take your focus beyond the role of cancer survivor and onto the vision of living your best life. Within the weekly lessons, you can expect to find clarity, value, purpose and vision when it comes to regaining your physical health, emotional balance and spiritual direction.

You will receive:
1. Two months of personalized cancer recovery coaching.
2. Weekly phone meetings addressing the lesson plans for Reset. Reboot. Rebirth.

o Taking Inventory & Clearing the Energy of Illness
o Creating Healing Space, Internally and Externally
o Seeing the Body as a Vessel
o Unfinished Business
o Moving Through Fear
o Acceptance of Change
o Embracing Your Light
o Setting New Ground Rules

3. Weekly exercises in identifying and implementing new habits to bring positive health and healing.
4. Mid-week check-ins via email
5. Recordings of each session for future review
6. Corresponding lesson handouts

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3 payments of $275

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Week 1: Taking Inventory & Clearing the Energy of Illness

At the start of this course, we will begin to inventory the daily reminders that keep you tied to cancer. How has cancer taken over your physical, emotional and spiritual life? We will identify the energetic quality of illness vs. health and begin clearing out the debris that is influencing you on a daily basis.

Week 2: Creating Healing Space, Internally and Externally

I’ll guide you in creating your own healing space and how to personalize it with your vision of living a vibrant healthy life. This is a physical place where you’ll go to find internal guidance, listen, pray, meditate, journal and find peace of mind within.

Week 3: Seeing the Body as a Vessel

Here we start looking at your physical body and how it communicates to you on multiple levels. I’ll help you look at exercise and food as medicine, bringing a whole new light on regaining control over cancer. We’ll also begin to sense the energetic quality of different emotions and how they affect and translate in your body.

Week 4: Unfinished Business

This week is all about dealing with your mortality. What have you left unfinished? Who do you have to forgive? What have you set aside, compromised, given up on? What are you supposed to be doing, but haven’t?

Together, we will begin to identify your unfinished business and help you take action for clean living.

Week 5: Moving through Fear

We’re going to identify the fears that cancer has raised in order to move through them. How does fear hold you back from living? What fears are holding you hostage? How would seeing these fears in a new light allow you to move forward? Can you transfer fear into trust?

We’ll do a guided meditation to meet your spiritual guides and ask for assistance on helping you navigate your fears. I’ll also help you identify the treasures that live on the other side of fear.

Week 6: Acceptance of Change

Next, we’re going to create new routines to bring in new life. This is about getting lighter physically, emotionally and spiritually. You’re about to transform an old life that didn’t work into a new life that does.

We’re going to start identifying your core values and look at how aligned you are to those values. What you are ready to let go of so new things can enter? What no longer serves you and the new picture of life you are birthing? Where can you make room for this newness to enter?

Week 7: Embracing your Light

This week is all about going deeper into your core values and living in alignment. Where can you begin to embody your values on the smallest of levels?

This is where you start following your inner compass and identifying your purpose. What calls to you? How can you begin to manifest this on a regular basis?

Week 8: Setting New Ground Rules

It’s time to set the rules with cancer. We’ll look at how your horizon has changed since you were diagnosed and what it has taught you up until now. Do you see cancer as a wake-up call?

We’ll do a guided meditation to integrate your new relationship with cancer.

Where are you heading in the next 3 months? The next 6 months? 1 year? What plans would you like to set in motion?

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Pay in Full:

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Installment Plan:
3 payments of $275

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