~Cancer Recovery and Navigating your next step

Meet Terry

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Welcome to ACT!

I am so happy you found this site! Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, are going through treatments or in recovery on a quest for answers, I welcome you to explore my story, my beliefs, my findings and my strategies for getting through and beyond your experience of cancer.

I am a cancer survivor turned Warrior

I am a spiritually-strong, straightforward mentor, guide, teacher and cancer coach.

My purpose is to help you step beyond the role of cancer patient and into a place of personal power, by introducing you to practices and philosophies which will strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Life before cancer

At the age of 26, I moved to Asia for 7 years, where I became immersed in eastern spirituality, culture and beliefs. I returned to the States at the age of 33.

Unfortunately, over the next 8 years, my life would be filled with loss, emotional barriers and disconnection. Through the twists and turns of a bad marriage, a failing business, debt, isolation and mourning the loss of loved ones, I found myself compromised and depressed. I had experienced a slow, almost unperceivable erosion of self-worth and personal power.

Living in chronic discontent and worry, I experienced gut wrenching emotions with no way of processing them. I became lost…from myself, my path and the joy of life.

My Wakeup Calls — How Cancer Transformed Me

1. My first wakeup call came in finding I had cancer. I realized instantly, I either had to get out of the unhappy situation I was in or stay and die. I chose to embark on a quest for happiness and ended up finding my own self-worth. This was a huge crossroads for me that allowed me to reclaim my life.

2. Cancer showed me the art of compassion. Total strangers were like angels sent to help. People I didn’t know showed me unconditional love and opened my eyes. I reconnected with my mom and saw new meaning in the way I was raised. I began to understand and feel her struggles in life, which allowed me to see her in a whole new light. Through my own illness, cancer helped me recognize the struggles of others.

3. By the end of cancer treatments, I felt as broken as Humpty Dumpty. Cancer had pushed me off a wall and I shattered into a hundred pieces. Struggling to put everything back together, I realized the impossible – you can’t put shattered back together.

An energy worker entered my life and inquired why I was holding on so tightly. He asked me, “How was life working before cancer?” He then told me, “You get to shake all this off. You have the most beautiful opportunity right now to rewrite your story. You have a blank sheet of paper and you get to color it any way you want.” I learned to let go and began to create a whole new self and a whole new future.

4. Three years after my recovery, while on a two-lane highway, a car came out from a side road and T-boned me. The impact flipped my car into the air and threw me into an oncoming semi. My one thought, after all my worries of cancer was, “THIS is how I’m gonna die?”

Walking away from that accident taught me that life could be over in an instant and worry about cancer is a waste of precious time. From that moment forward, I felt I was living on extra time, as if I’d been given a bonus round. I learned that my job here is to live and keep moving forward.

How cancer saved my life

So what has cancer allowed you to feel and do? It has helped me move forward without fear. I trust. I have a new lease on life with nothing to lose. I can do what I want and there’s no reason to slow down or second guess. I have found my center. I own myself. I no longer fight to say no or worry about what others think.

Cancer has given me freedom from fear.

Freedom from worry.

Freedom from outcomes.

This life is short and there’s no more time to waste.

So now what?

Cancer is YOUR wake–up call. There is no snooze button, no negotiating, no rolling over and sleeping in.

The experience of cancer is soul shaking. It’s a call to action.

This wake–up call is about internal work. Here’s how to work with me.